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  • Cairo’s Kitchen

    The Entrance

    The Entrance


    Cairo’s Kitchen is just one Zamalik’s latest hits, remember there are a lot of new openings that have been popping up lately! CK is located just off 26th july on the street that branches out before Makani, with a little bit of asking around, i found that one of the partners in the CK is also one of the partners in LaBodega

    So what does Cairo’s Kitchen serve ? well EGYPTIAN FOOD !! yes it seems people that Egyptian food is back in Fashion!  first we had zooba and now we have Cairo Kitchen !! yay !!

    There is a difference between both though, when you look think of it zooba is more like the cilantro of egyptian food where you can take a lentil salad take way and eat it while you are driving … Where was Cairo’s Kitchen is more of lets sit down or do delivery kind of thing.

    I love both places but i do have to be honest about something, why do i pay for a koshary 15L.E. when i get it from “AlexTop” right next to WIF for 5L.E., i guess what i am saying is they are a bit over priced, but i can understand that the over pricing goes into paying for the atmosphere and hygiene and quality of food.

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