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  • Chivas Regal 12: New Pack, Same Spirit


    As one of the most popular and decorated whiskies in the world, Chivas Regal is a name that comes with plenty of weight. Chivas Regal has come to be a fixture in every whisky connoisseur’s liquor cabinet and every top bar’s shelves – which makes the fact that the folks at Chivas have crafted a new look for both bottle and pack for Chivas Regal 12 all the more daring.

    The contemporary new design has been conceived by drawing on the craftsmanship, luxury and heritage that Chivas has come to symbolise. The classic bottle we’ve come to love and instinctively cradle in our arms will always have a special place in our hearts, but the new bottle’s more simplified look affords it a much more chic and subtle sophistication befitting of the liquid gold it carries.

    This is not the first time that Chivas has knocked boots, so to speak, with the world of high end art and design; the annual special Made For Gentlemen editions have seen several amazing packages produced in collaboration with such famed houses as  Tim Little Handcrafted Shoes, Bremont exclusive watches, Savile Row’s Norton & Sons, famed tailor, Patrick Grant and, currently, the bespoke handcrafted Globetrotter Suitcases.

    The new design stays true to everything that Chivas Regal stands for. Chivas has always epitomized what it means to be contemporary – it’s of its time, but wears its history on its sleeves,  as International Brand Director for Chivas Regal, Richard Black, attests, “The new design successfully demonstrates Chivas Regal’s ability to carry forward years of brand heritage and craftsmanship in a way that is appealing to modern whisky drinkers.”

    We can’t argue with that.