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  • Chivas 18: Simply the Best, Better Than All the Rest


    As one of the world’s leading premium scotch whiskies, Chivas 18 has come to be known as the whisky connoisseur’s tipple of choice – something that has been cemented by the numerous accolades, awards and general love that has been received by Chivas 18 over the last two years.

    2014 was very much Chivas 18’s year, after taking home the Blended Scotch Whisky Trophy at the International Wine & Spirit Competition – the biggest of its kind. The judges at IWSC – possibly the greatest job in the world – were, in no uncertain terms, swept off their wobbly feet.

    “Stone fruits lead, in a very attractive nose with peach being most dominant,” one judge gleamed, adding, “Nutmeg, cinnamon and sherry follow. Wonderfully warming in the mouth. Rich in sherry characters with raisins and plum. Vanilla is prominent in long, well sustained finish. Delightful.”

    As you can see, praise for Chivas 18 was nothing short of poetry and was made all the more impressive considering that IWSC is the only spirits competition that runs its bottled competitors though a two-stage judging process, with one of said stages being a blind taste test undertaken by 300 industry figures.

    ‘A Generous Award for a Generous Taste’

    The prize was one of several awarded to Chivas; 2014 also saw the whisky pick up a gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge and a master medal at the Asian Spirit Masters – yes, competitive spirit-assessments are a very real thing these days.

    The man behind it, Chivas Regal Master Blender, Colin Scott, is particularly pleased with how well Chivas 18 has been received. “With 85 flavor notes detectable in every drop, Chivas 18 is a uniquely rich and multi-layered whisky that is certainly one of my proudest creations in the 40 years that I have dedicated to the Scotch whisky industry.”

    The prizes have come together to create a metaphorical trophy cabinet that proudly reads THE WORLD’S BEST BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY – and there’s little in the way of room to argue that claim.