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  • CGuide: Spend The Last Days of Ramadan Differently

    Ramadan 2019

    Only a few days are separating us from Eid, and as we say goodbye to Ramadan, we should bid Iftar and Sohour a proper farewell. We know you don’t want to let go just yet, which is why we brought you the guide for the last weekend in Ramadan.

    Open Mic Night @ Bardo Clubhouse

    Bardo clubhouse

    Wanna have some fun with your friends and do something different? Visit Bardo Clubhouse for a night to remember. Play the guitar, rap your heart out, or recite some heart-melting poetry. Tickets are EGP 100 on the door, and if you’re going to perform, please sign up at the front desk before 8:00 pm.

    Qamar ElDin Tent


    Join Qamar Eldin tent for a special Ramadan atmosphere with your loved ones.

    ZAD Tent @ Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino


    Head to the magnificent ZAD Tent one last time to savour their oriental dishes that you’ll enjoy like nowhere else.

    Bab Al Qasr Tent @ Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski


    Bab Al Qasr Ramadan tent will take you on an exquisite gastronomic ride to experience the finest dishes in the capital. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your buddies and reserve your spot.

    Wust El Balad Ramadan Tent @ Nile Ritz-Carlton

    wust el balad

    The Nile Ritz-Carlton’s iconic Wust El Balad Ramadan tent is offering all sorts of delicacies to their guests for one last weekend.

    El Khema @ Cairo Festival City Mall


    All the delicious food you’ve been craving will be at El Khema tent in Cairo Festival City Mall. Go enjoy the atmosphere and take a break from the busy week.

    Lanterns Ramadan Tent @ Uptown Cairo


    If you fancy a night out with your friends, Lantern’s your go-to for indulging the best food your taste buds could come across.

    Afandina Tent @ Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel


    Ramadan tents at Renaissance are unique, especially Afandina. Spoil your taste buds and unwind from the hectic work environment.

    Baron Hotel Heliopolis Cairo

    Ramadan Tents

    Enjoy the finger-licking good food you’ll find at Baron Hotel’s special Iftar table and on its Sohour menu. Call your friends and go blow off some steam.

    Layaly Mirage Tent @ JW Marriot


    Ramadan vibes, delicious food, spectacular entertainment, and more at Layaly Mirage tent.

    Marriot Mena House Cairo

    marriott mena house 2

    How about a splendid view of the Pyramids with mouthwatering food and the best tea and shisha in the city? Call now and reserve your spot.

    Hala Ramadan Tent @ Safir Hotel Cairo


    Make a wish and Hala Ramadan tent will grant it. Break your fast and boost your energy with their delicious dishes. And the cherry on top is definitely the spectacular entertainment programme there.

    Now you can say goodbye to Ramadan knowing you’ve done it properly. What are you waiting for? Grab your phone and reserve your spot now!



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