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  • CGuide: Break the Routine of Your Ramadan With Us


    We’re halfway through Ramadan and, as much as we love this special month that we only enjoy once a year, we sometimes get bored of how repetitive its days can be. We know how a night out with your friends or trying new culinary creations can be a great way to break the routine. However, since it can be a bit of a hassle, we decided to help you make some wise choices. 

    Dina El Wedidi @ Cairo Opera House


    Fans of Dina El Wedidi, brace yourselves! The songstress is performing at Cairo Opera House tonight. Gather all your fan friends, and enjoy a night to remember.

    See Another Side @ Kodak Passageway


    Are you a fan of photography? Do you love discovering the hidden gems and unveiling the unknown beauty of Egypt? Then See Another Side is your go-to.

    DJ Teddy @ 3alTawla Ramadan Tent


    The Tap West’s midweek nights are not history; 3alTawla is bringing you DJ Teddy. What are you waiting for? Grab your phone and reserve your seats now.

    Nights in the Grove S02E02 @ Bardo Clubhouse


    Join Bardo Clubhouse and enjoy a night outdoor with awesome live music performances. Their second edition will feature Mandou, Adham Omar (GONDI), and SMASH BEATS. Entry costs EGP 100 and includes EGP 10 credit to the coffee bar.

    Qamar ElDin Tent


    Join Qamar Eldin tent for a special Ramadanish atmosphere with your loved ones.

    ZAD Tent @ Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino


    Come and join the magnificent ZAD Tent, where you’ll savour oriental food like no other place.

    Bab Al Qasr Tent @ Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski


    Bab Al Qasr Ramadan tent will take you on a ride to experience the finest dishes in the capital. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your peeps and reserve your spot.

    Wust El Balad Ramadan Tent @ Nile Ritz-Carlton


    The Nile Ritz-Carlton returned with their Wust El Balad Ramadan tent, offering all sorts of delicacies to their guests.

    El Khema @ Cairo Festival City Mall


    All the food you’ve been craving will be at El Khema tent in Cairo Festival City Mall. Go enjoy the atmosphere and take a break from the busy week.

    Lanterns Ramadan Tent @ Uptown Cairo


    If you fancy a day out with your friends and indulging the best food your taste buds can come across, this one’s your go-to.

    Afandina Tent @ Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel


    Ramadan tents at Renaissance are unique, especially Afandina. Spoil your taste buds and unwind from the hectic work environment.

    Baron Hotel Heliopolis Cairo

    baron hotel

    Enjoy the finger licking good food you’ll find at Baron Hotel’s special table for Iftar and Sohoor. Call your buddies and blow off some steam.

    Layaly Mirage Tent @ JW Marriot


    Ramadan vibes, delicious food, spectacular entertainment, and more at Layaly Mirage tent.

    Marriot Mena House Cairo

    marriott mena house 2

    How about a splendid view of the Pyramids with mouthwatering food and the best tea and shisha in the city? Call now and reserve your spot.

    Hala Ramadan Tent @ Safir Hotel Cairo


    Make a wish and Hala Ramadan tent will grant it to you. Break your fast and boost your energy with their delicious dishes. Not to mention the spectacular entertainment programme there.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re alone or with your friends, these events will take your mind off of everything. Grab your mobile and place your reservations for the week now!


    By Yara Tarek



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