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  • Bonjorno Café Gives You the Chance to Win Literally Everything


    Bonjorno Café is giving savvy social-media users the chance to win literally everything. Do you want an iPod touch, Bose Sound System, a Spa-kit, a bouquet of Bonjorno products, two VIP Cinema tickets, and a dinner for two? It’s a rhetorical question, of course you do. Bonjorno are offering these fabulous items to spruce up your spring as part of their ‘Mood Express’ competition.

    The important question: How do I win?

    It’s quite simple. Just tell Bonjorno how you feel. Obviously it’s a little difficult to profess your undying love to a coffee jar, so we’ve got your back with step-by-step instructions on how to get your hands on the goodies.

    First, get on Instagram and follow them on “BonjornoCafeOfficial” – impatiently wait for their prompt follow back. Then, take a picture that expresses your mood with Bonjorno; post it (off your account, obvs) with NO MORE THAN ten hashtags, and tag Bonjorno in it. FINALLY, Bonjorno will repost your photo and the one with the highest number of likes will win. You are allowed to post up to two pictures a week and they’ll add up the likes. 

    The competition ends on the 30th of April, so get ‘gramming quickly, because the competition has gone viral.