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  • Beers, Burgers & Brunch: This Weekend at the Garden


    If you’ve been following us this week – which you totally always should – you’ll know how fond we are of that beautiful, and sometimes dangerous, thing called brunch.

    It turns out that the team at the Garden share our irrational love of drinkin’ and eatin’ in the afternoon and the Korba bar is set to host its own brunch this Friday (21st).

    There’s nothing complicated about it; turn 200LE and your body over to the Garden and they will shower you with burgers, hotdogs, beer and wine between 2PM and 6PM, while DJ AK mans the decks.

    So, just to repeat: that’s UNLIMITED burgers, hotdogs, beer and wine – the perfect hangover cure.

    Sadly, this is a one-off event, though murmuring from inside the Garden suggest that if all goes well, this may become a fixture on the bar’s calendar. Call 0100 826 3000 for more info.