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    beans nutrition facts_health benefits of beans

    Did you know that beans are like a super food, they are high in protein, low in fat and high in fibre, actually some people actually use that , and if you trying to slim down they are perfect, especially white beans, known as lobia in egypt…

    why you might ask well because the white beans contains something that aids in slow down the digestions of making it easier to digest,   and also great source proteins minus the fat that comes with the beef,

    when you think of it, why do you think egyptians use to eat so much foul and lobia, well because as a poor country that we are and were, it made more sense to provide the poor with cheap yet very high protein food, hence the BEANs !!!



    Read this article on WebMD and start putting beans in your diet, at least once or twice a week, it could be in the form of breakfast, such as baked beans, or at mid day or night a mixed bean salad :)