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    Backstage at Chef’s Market Promo Video


    There are few industries as rampantly prolific in Cairo as that of food and drink – we just love to eat. This still very young year has seen a host of new restaurants appear across the city, though admittedly, some look more set for success than others.

    While all claim to be the next big thing, there are actually few new restaurants with solid, sustainable concepts; something that restaurateur and chef, Wesam Masoud, is very aware of. His latest, and possibly biggest, culinary project, Chef’s Market, is shaping up to be something pretty special, with Chef De Cuisine, Hosam Sallam, and Executive Sous Chef, Diana William, by his side.

    Located in Citystar’s New Mosaique Dining Zone, Chef’s Market takes the best of Mediterranean gastronomy and aims to channel it into vibrant, unique, sophisticated dishes – something that is reflected in every inch of the restaurant. Food cynics may roll their eyes at what seems to be a very broad approach, but they would be wrong to do so.

    Masoud has taken inspiration from the big open markets that are so popular with foodies in Greece, Spain and our other Mediterranean brethren, and the menu - which CG got an exclusive look at while trying to keep out of trouble at the shoot for a special promo video - is nothing short of spectacular. 

    Covering soups, salads, poultry, fish, beef and lamb, Chef's Market will also offer an intricately crafted breakfast menu as well as a special menu for kids.


    I already have a three-course meal set out; I’ll start with Lemon, Roasted Garlic & Smoked Herring Flavored Hummus, followed by a Herring, Shrimp & Roasted Beets Salad, before the grand finale: Sea Bass & Shrimp with Tomato Sage Sauce – yeah, we’re big on fish over at the CG office.

    Although there’s always the Duck Breast & Freek with Red Pepper Relish. Or the Meatball & Sausage Fettucine. Or even the Tuna, Tomato & Kalamata Orzo. Choices, choices.

    Chef's Market will open to the public on Tuesday 4th of February, but not before annoying, pretentious media-types like myself have tried it first this weekend at a special launch event.

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