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  • AUC Gets Crisp

    AUC is like the birthplace of new and good food !! and now there is the latest health craze to hit AUC ! and that is CRISP !!
    Crisp is more than just salads, you can get even shakes and fresh juices !
    ekh sometimes i just wish i would be a student again to eat healthy again ! or i curse the day that back in the day in our old campus all we had was the cafeteria with its stupid unhealthy fattening hot dog sandwiches !
    below is how the crisp fans describe it !
    Crisp – The Fresh Shoppe is opening next Sunday the 9th of Sep. 
    You have to stay in shape and indulge yourself in the world of exotic salads, sandwiches, fresh juices & fruits
    Grab your workout shake & meal to stay fresh, fit, & healthy
    You will find us at The Sports/Athletics Complex Terrace replacing Cilantro   

    follow them on twitter: https://twitter.com/CrispTFS
    follow them on facebook: www.facebook.com/CrispTheFreshShoppe