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  • A’table: Egypt’s First Dutch Restaurant to Open at Capital Business Park


    Cairo’s restaurant stands at it’s most eclectic right now; the world’s cuisines – or many of them – are but a short, traffic-filled, car ride away for most , be it Italian, Swiss, Latin American or even Cantonese, Egypt’s capital has plenty to offer foodies.

    Joining the ranks of foreign cuisines in Cairo is A’table; Egypt’s first Dutch restaurant, which is set to open at Sheikh Zayed’s Capital Business Park on Friday 13th of November at 5PM.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking – what exactly is Dutch food? The Netherlands are famous for many things around the world – clogs, cheese, tulips and other more x-rated things – but not necessarily for their cuisine. Well, here’s the thing – there’s no menu. Historically, Dutch cuisine is simple, hearty and seasonal – think meat, potatoes, vegetables – something that is reflected in A’table’s approach. The food changes daily, only fresh, organic produce is used, it’s cooked on-the-spot and the set-up is station-based.

    The opening itself is quite the flashy affair, with the Dutch Ambassador to Egypt set to attend alongside other dignitaries and the launch comes hot on the heels of Capital Business park’s own grand opening. Already home to several eateries – as well as some very cool Harley Davidson and Porsche  showrooms – a restaurant like A’table  is a big addition to the complex.

    Stay tuned to the Cairo Gossip Instagram for live coverage of the opening – we’ll let you know how the food is.

    By Gemima Flashback