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  • Asraya Imperial Ramadan Tent


    Oh ramadan, oh I miss you,

    What would you be with out a ramadan tent that is playful and with a nile view. In comes Asraya, located at the top deck of imperial boat.

    I.e. Zamalek location, and open air… and great views of maspero & the nile

    but here is how they describe themselves

    Remember sitting down waiting anxiously for the Azan to be called so you can take that first sip of water or that first bite of food that you have been longing for? And after eating, all you want to do is just sit-down, order a shisha and relax?
    We are usually overcome by acute nostalgia for Ramadan. We long for the oriental ambiance and warm atmosphere that comes with this holy month.
    Well, you don’t have to wait anymore because ARASYA is here and we are ready to share this auspicious month with you!
    ARASYA is located on the top-deck of the Imperial boat. Its oriental theme will give you the Ramadan spirit that you are looking for. From essential Ramadan drinks like Hibiscus, tamarind and homos el sham, to oriental pastries like Baklava, Konafa,& Osmanleya, we guarantee that your nostalgia will be fulfilled.
    We offer the culmination of the Ramadan experience. With the sun setting and the Azan calling, you can enjoy a variety of traditional Lebanese dishes during Iftar, alongside a stunning nile view. After indulging in delicious food, you can relax with a shisha. The experience will surely satisfy you after a long fasting day!
    Later in the night, as sunrise approaches you can enjoy traditional sohour foods that will help you fast the following day, such as foul, eggs and yoghurt.
    The music, the atmosphere, the hustle and bustle of socializing and all that encompasses chill enjoyment will be found at ARASYA.
    ARASYA is a strikingly welcoming place that pulls you into the vibe of Ramadan!
    With its stunning nile view and its elegant decor, Arasya is the place to be this month.
    At ARASYA, its all about the experience. At ARASYA… a splendid Ramadan!
    Address: Imperial Boat, 19 Saray El Gezirah St.، Cairo
    For reservations call: 01100761242

    Find them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arasyaimperial