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    So here I am in seasons one more time … And loving it… Actually wanting to do somethin different for the weekend… Something chill… Then I saw on dealwaty a deal for Altosbistro for 2people set menu for 400 instead of 800 and I was like score !!! And so here I am … And lovin it.. highly recommended it …because you know what here I am with a bottle of wine and a nice conversation about appearantly streaming videos onto an iPad!!!

    Speaking of dealwaty our weekend is a dealwaty weekend … Because even after this altos deal …tomorrow I am also doing somethin different …. I am going kite surfing classes in Ras sidr … Another deal I got off dealwaty.com


    Like the concept. As an Australian tour operator who loves spending time in Cairo and Egypt in general, I can see great scope for your website. I'm not sure if you are intending it to be a global site or just something for the locals. If global, then it would be good to have more information about places to visit in Cairo that aren't on the usual tourist trails – places to eat and to enjoy some of the local culture and meet the local people. Plus a what's on section would be useful so local people could advertise their events to further bring peope together. But I look forward to watching your site develop.