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  • Alchemy Goes Socialist with Special Saturday Sharer Menu


    Contrary to popular belief, sharing is not caring. You’re born alone and you die alone. Dog-eat-dog. Every man for himself.

    In these tough times, this very sincere sentiment applies to food as much as anything. Which is why I was outraged when Al Chemist – of Alchemy fame, of course – invited me to try out the Dokki hotspot’s new Saturday sharer menu.

    The bar/gastro-pub/cave of mystical shenanigans doesn’t like to sit still; from inviting some of Cairo’s best DJs to play at Euphoria, to art-n-brunch on a Saturday, good old Al is quite the innovator.

    But, Mr. Chemist, I draw the line at sharing.

    Yes, each of the menu items can heartily feed four, but put a big bowl of summer liver salad in front of me at your peril, because I will invariably ask for seconds – it’s bloody marvellous. Bring me a big bowl spaghetti al olio pineapple (or better yet, chunky sausage and tomato pasta) and anyone who even looks in its direction will be stabbed.

    With other enticing items on offer for this socialist dining concept, one can’t help but feel like Alchemy is setting a dangerous new precedent for dining in the city. I mean, do you really expect me to also ‘share’ a pitcher of Sangria?  Why don’t I just start sharing my colossal sense of entitlement or the massive chip on my shoulder? You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Al?

    I’m outraged. But Al, if you’re reading this, I’ll have a table for one on Saturday at 8PM.

    For more info on Alchemy’s un-share-ably good sharer menu, click here.