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  • Absolut: Warhol Edition to Be Released in Egypt


    Here’s a riddle for you. What do Absolut and Andy Warhol have in common? Well, two things. Firstly, they’re two of the biggest pop culture icons in the world. Secondly, I have a strange, almost cathartic, fondness for both.

    The premium vodka has been sold in over 120 countries for decades and has found a home at the top bars, pubs and clubs – even right here in Cairo. As for Warhol – the original hipster – well, what can you say about the deity of pop-art that hasn’t been said already?

    His name and his art are still as iconic as ever. Who can forget his epic Monroe painting? Or that Velvet Underground album sleeve? Who can forget Edie Sedgwick, Nico, Candy Darling and the other ‘Warhol Superstars’? The man took a can of soup and made it into art. Visionary genius or bizarre oddball? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

    One thing we do know is that Warhol was, in his own words, ‘fascinated’ by Absolut, going as far as to creating an Absolut bottle painting in the 80s that went on to become another of his iconic images.

    In celebration of his almost divine and omnipotent spirit, Absolut are set to unleash the new Absolut: Warhol Edition in Egypt this January. The new limited edition bottle marks a salute, of sorts, to his life, his influence and contemporary art – something that Absolut has always championed, having also collaborated with the likes of Keith Haring, Damien Hirst and Annie Liebovitz; artists that have pushed boundaries in their own right.

    Some of the proceeds are set to be donated to the Andy Warhol Foundation, which has supported contemporary art through $250 million worth of grants over the years.

    So, you get a bottle of Absolut and a piece of art to boot – cheers to that. This is one empty bottle you’re not going to toss in the trash.