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  • ABSOLUT Scores Big at Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2014


    You know that particular type of pride you get when you see a friend winning an award, graduating or just appearing in the background on the news and making a silly face? That’s not too far from the feeling Cairo Gossip got when the world’s premium vodka and office favourite, ABSOLUT, bowled the judges over at the 2014 edition of the prestigious Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

    Under the judgmental eyes - and tongues - of a notoriously unforgiving panel of judges and strict criteria, ABSOLUT scored a whopping 95 points and the tag of 'Ultimate Recommendation' in the unflavoured vodka category and was awarded the Chairman's Trophy, representing the absolute (pun intended) best of the best.

    I'm sure our good friends at ABSOLUT were delighted with the result and enjoyed celebrating the win very, very responsibly.