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    As you know there is a big party this friday for the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of Absolut Eyx,(a private invite only one),  but one of the advantages of being Media is I get to taste things before everyone else.

    So last night Absolut Elyx team have invited us Media to taste it. Look i never been to a Vodka tasting before so the whole experience was surreal// new for me.

    We were taken to the private bar in La Bodega, for a full hour before the tasting, we were only allowed to drink water and not eat anything so that our palette was to be cleansed.  Then came the blind tasting, we were giving 3 different vodkas and It was only after we choose which one was our favourite the vodka that it was revealed. All of us choose Vodka #3. Which turned out to be ELYX, each had their reason, for me, it was because it was smooth it felt like i was drinking water with a kick. Supprisingly enough Vodka #1 turned out to be Grey Goose  &  Vodka# 2 Belvidere.

    Here is a side note,  I always hated Grey Goose & Belvidere, not because they are bad but because Egyptians overdosed on it, I personally liked Beluga, but that being said when i was forced to choose between Grey Goose & Belvidere i always choose belivdere, but in the blind test, My personal rating Best Vodka Absolut Elyx, Followed Grey Goose and the worst was Belvidere as it had that really bad sting to it at the end. like it burnt my throat.

    So yea I found blindly and with no doubt Absolut Elyx ranked number 1 in this tasting.

    Then they did something else, they shown us how Absolut Elyx is made, the story of it! and I just fell in love with the brand even more!

    The vodka is 100% wheat based, and the wheat they use comes only from one farm, they use copper filter and rectification i think to remove the sulpher from it but also give it that rich tone taste to it.  What really made me fall in love with it, was the fact that one of the Copper used in the filtration is ONLY USED ONCE!! to always ensure the quality, also what is even more impressive the vodka is HAND CRAFTED, so that means some one goes in the distiller to make sure by themselves everything is up to 100% of quality and not some automated machine .. but  WHY LISTEN TO ME WATCH THIS VIDEO TO UNDERSTAND !