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  • 8 Awesome Health Benefits of Nuts According to Abu Auf


    If there’s one species of food that doesn’t get its rightful recognition in the food kingdom, it’s nuts; while we’ve become more accustomed to finding it in our chocolate, our cereal and other quick-foods, the many benefits are often watered down.

    Being fans of nuts ourselves (we hear it, but we don’t care) the good people at Egypt’s leading nuts and dried fruits chain, Abu Auf, have imparted their considerable wisdom on the awesome and almighty powers of that simple thing called the nut.

    Weight Loss

    Almonds, cashews and pistachios will help you watch your waistline and you can get creative with throwing yoghurt into the mix, too. Avoid pecans, though.


    It’s our friends the almonds, cashews and pistachios again – these three guys are high in protein and, apart from making for a healthy snack, they contribute to building muscle mass.


    Ah, fiber – the thing that keeps us regular, something that you need to look out for while fasting. Macadamias and cashews are your go-to here and can be used in a variety of dishes as well as just a snack.


    Possessing the almighty power of alpha linoleic acid, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia and pine nuts are good for what ails you and helps heart arrhythmias. Throw into a salad along with some olive oil. Yum.


    Perfect once again for a quick and easy snack, peanuts and cashews has been proven to fight against cognitive decline – because, you kind of need your brain, you know?

    Teeth & Skin

    While mankind continues to spend inordinate amounts of money on skincare, possibly in the hope of finding some kind of special potion, that simple little thing called an almond gives the body calcium for stronger teeth and will also help give you healthier skin.


    Loaded with healthy fat, fiber and protein, almonds are not only one of the best nuts to speed up your metabolism, but one of the best foods to do so full-stop. Pine nuts, cashews and walnuts are pretty good, too.

    Hormone Balance

    The world can do strange things to your emotional state – stress, pollution, etc – but pistachios can help regulate your hormones. No random hissy fits, no random mood swings, no weird behavior. Well, within reason.

    With over 25 branches – and counting – across Egypt, Abu Auf is always within reach – plus, they deliver! For more information, check out the Abu Auf Facebook and Instagram accounts or call.