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  • 7 Things You May Not Even Know About Sushi


    In Egypt, every once in a while we stick to something trending and pretend we’re in love with it, and this is what happened with sushi. Sushi has become a trend more than a delicious food, and with every passing day, we hear about more and more sushi restaurants, and more and more sushi addicts.

    Since it’s the weekend and you’re pretty relaxed at home, we decided to chitchat with you a bit. Don’t get too excited, we just wanted to tell you some things you may not know about what seems to be every Cairene’s new favourite meal: Sushi.


    1. sushi

    Sushi doesn’t even refer to anything that has to do with fish! In Japan sushi means ‘It’s sour’. No we’re not kidding, look it up in the dictionary.


    2. sword

    In Japan they usually cut sushi using large sword like knives, not regular knives.


    3. eating with hands

    They eat Sushi in Japan with their hands, not the goddamn stick you’re obsessed with! (Except the sashimi)


    4. cat

    Sushi in Japan doesn’t include tuna at all. There, tuna is only made for kittens, and it’s not a human food!


    5. nigri

    You’re supposed to eat ‘Nigri’ upside down, because in Japan they think you should enjoy the raw fish last.


    6. giphy

    Sushi in Japan is, first and foremost, a fast food. Not a whole filling meal.



    7. sushi isn't sushi

    Sushi did not originate in Japan, yes we finally said it!


    By Sara Mosharef