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  • 7 Reasons Why Dieting in Egypt is Impossible


    Put your hands up in the air if you’re trying to diet in Egypt and suffering! Anyone with special diets, food intolerances or allergies can attest to this: Egypt sucks when it comes to avoiding fatty foods. Why, you ask us?

    1. Your Mother


    Good luck convincing your mama (or your aunt, or mother-in-law, or anyone for that matter) that diet food does NOT mean ‘just one spoon of samna on the fatta’.

    2. Temptation


    Sometimes it feels like everyone is out to get you to spoil your diet. On every street corner, in every alleyway, on almost every highway billboard, you can hear the whispers: “have a little bite! It won’t hurt you! A tiny triple cheeseburger with loaded potatoes won’t do you any harm!”

    3. Your Friends


    When it comes to dieting, there are three types of unsupportive friends: the ones that order Mince Burgers and eat them happily next to you; the ones that order Mince Burgers and insist you have a bite; and the ones that order Mince Burgers, let you have a bite then ask you later how your diet is going. Sounds familiar?

    4. Your ‘Diet Doctor’


    We’ve all been there; we’ve all been to the famous doctors and tried the cabbage diet or had the daily diet plans of brown toast, boiled egg and gibna areesh. We’ve tried the gym trainers who yell at us to eat tuna then get mad when we eat tuna on a tuna pizza (same thing, right?). And we’ve all run away from our scary diet doctors when they get fed up with us and never gone back.

    5. The Food Porn Everywhere


    You can’t open Instagram or Facebook without being assaulted by pics of juicy, dribbling delicacies. Fact: Facebook page Egyptian Foodies has half a million followers and daily posts of heart-attack-inducing food from around Cairo.

    6. The Whole Country is Against You

    diet 5

     The bad news is that Egypt deep-fries and slathers samna onto everything. The good news is that life is so expensive now, you’ll no longer find your guilty indulgences on the supermarket shelves. Or wait, is that the bad news?

    7. Yourself

    diet 6

    At the end of the day, we still have to deal with the demons inside of us, and given that junk food is everywhere in our lives – from the mehwar to the radio jingles to the smell of our neighbours’ cooking, we dieters have a lot of self-reckoning and internal negotiations to do.

    By Samar El Shams