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  • 5 Reasons Melt Bites Deli is the ‘Next Big Thing’

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    The playground of dining, drinking and unwinding that is Westown Hub is growing by the month. Already home to some huge names on the Cairo restaurant and cafe scene, the latest addition to the Beverly Hills located hub is set to come in the form of Melt Bites Deli.

    Though the name may be familiar to some, Melt Bites is gearing up for the grand opening of its first ever shop this weekend and it signals a new chapter in the bakery-come-restaurant’s journey – one that promises some unique offerings. With everything from sandwiches and entrees, to ice creams and baked goods,  here’s why you should be excited.

     They’ve catered some HUGE Events

    Yanni sniffs his fingers after trying one of Melt Bites’ many goodies. Maybe.

    Melt Bites started life as a catering company and continue to do so as we approach the launch of its first shop. The most recent shindig catered by Melt Bites was a certain concert by a certain guy named Yanni – you might have heard of him, though MB has also catered events for Westown Hub and Capital Business Park.

    You Can Make Your Own Chocolate Bar…YES, YOUR OWN CUSTOM-MADE CHOCOLATE BAR

    Chocoholics, step forward, because this is possibly the single coolest thing about Melt Bites and the process is surprisingly simple; you can pick out of dark, milk and white chocolate and add a selection of dried fruits and nuts – voila!

    They Make Their Own Pasta from Scratch

    BOOM! Give us one of every colour, please.

    Until you’ve tasted freshly made pasta in the same sitting as supermarket-bought pasta, you will never understand what a difference there is between the two. You don’t need to be a foodie or gourmand to appreciate home-made pasta and it’s something that Melt Bites takes particular pride in – they literally make it to order as you wait.

    They Have an ALL-DAY Breakfast Menu

    Yes, yes, oh lord yes! Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but, quite frankly, it’s also the most delicious – something that Melt Bites appreciates. This cover of culinary possibilities has a host of slow-cooked main dishes, but when push comes to shove, breakfast is king.

    They Have Soft-Serve Ice Cream

    We’ll spare you the science lesson in how soft serve ice cream is different to the more regularly sold and eaten version – all you need to know is that Melt Bites does it alongside its normal ice creams and sorbets. It’s soft, it’s creamy and it looks like some kind of 3D pop-art imagery. it’s delicious.

    For more information on Melt Bites, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.