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  • 5 Cairo Restaurants That Will Become Favourites in 2016


    The back-end of 2015 saw a flurry of restaurant openings across Egypt’s capital, rounding off what was a busy and eventful year for Cairo’s ever-expanding dining scene. As an appreciator of both food and the physical act of eating (I find it therapeutic), the emergence of several new restaurants has made the whole New Year’s resolution decision much easier: no, I won’t be dieting, because I’m awesome the way I am – and these restaurants are awesome, too.


    ‘Follow the Birds’ was the tag line used in the run-up to the opening of Japanese restaurant Kazoku – what it actually means is still up for debate, but following said birds leads to a dining experience that has had unanimous rave reviews from customers. Putting a high-end finish on Japanese cuisine, the New Cairo located restaurant combines elegance and sophistication, with an airy, casual comfort – like wearing a little black dress with flats. It’s location makes it somewhat of a trek for those outside of New Cairo, but it’s definitely worth the trip.


    While many assumed that Beetroot would be nothing more than the recycled remains of the Lemon Tree & Co. with a new lick of paint here and there, Beetroot has surprised many. Yes, the Lemon Tree had plenty of fans, but Beetroot feels like what the Lemon Tree should have been – a restaurant that serves alcohol, rather than a bar that serves food. It’s still under the same ownership and it shows with some familiar touches from the Lemon Tree – the cocktails are still top-notch in case you were wondering – and the menu, which was created from scratch, has plenty to keep you coming back during the colder Cairo months.


    Cairo has never been short on pizza, because we love pizza and pizza is awesome and #pizza. Over the last few years, we’ve seen many a pizza place come and go (seriously, what happened to Pizza Mia? It seemed like everything was going so well…), but Andiamo looks like it’s going to be around for a while. Located in Heliopolis – and headed by a couple of guys who know a thing or two about F&B – the restaurant has become known for its sangria as much as its pizza. As a place, you can’t help but be charmed by it like some kind of dark, broody man that you just know is going to be bad for you. In conclusion, pizza.