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  • the opening of 3enab – عنب

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    Today 3enab opens offering free shisha to its patrons. But what is 3enab

    well 3enab is cafe, actually a very unique cafe,

    forget that it serves one of the best tasting shishas in the heart of zamalek! 
    forget that it is an upscale hang out!
    forget that it has the trendiest and yet most comfortable design of space! 

    but عنب offers something that is UNIQUE ! i mean what menu can actually show a off a menu like this

    - watermelon pizza 
    - peach pasta 
    - pineapple fries
    - apple nuggets banana nuggets
    - mango steak

    and if you are shisha lover and who isnt (cg does not condole smoking btw) well they also have a variety of the best shisha in town !

    Dont forget to follow them on facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/3enabb