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  • 12 Independent Bakeries You NEED to Know About


    There may be a sugar shortage in Egypt, but there’s certainly no shortage of places to purchase sweet treats! 
    And we’re not talking about Nola’s or The Four Fat Ladies…. Check out these independent bakeries that do everything from cookies to cupcakes to custom cake designs, and won’t cost you a pretty penny: 




    These Belgian dark chocolate cookies are making us feel things.

    Online/delivery, or find select products at Gourmet stores. 


    Baking Sue

     baking sue

    Behold, the Customized Cake Queen. 

    Online/delivery only


    Devour Cupcakes


    Particularly popular for its creative kunafa variations, Devour’s desserts taste as good as their quirky themes. 

    Online/delivery only


    A Drop of Sugar


    A Drop of Sugar’s detailed and delicate cake/cupcake designs put Pinterest to shame.

    Online/delivery only


    Zu’s Cake


    For simpler pleasures, try Zu’s dark chocolate cupcakes with mint frosting! 

    Online/delivery only




    This cake is in the shape of a Volkswagen Camper….. Is there anything Lilalo can’t create?!

    Online/delivery only




    Judging by the looks of those white chocolate raspberry scones, this bakery is accurately named. 

    Online/delivery only


    FRESCO Bakery


    Warning: Jars may contain unprecedented amounts of joy.

    Online/delivery, or visit their Heliopolis shop.


    Oven Heaven

     oven heaven

    These caramel marshmallow chocolate cookies are so provocative, they’re practically pornographic.

    Online/delivery only


    Homemade Cookies


    Easter can’t come soon enough! Homemade Cookies caters for all occasions, so maybe we’ll order these cheeky cookies for Valentine’s Day….

    Online/delivery only




    Why share one big wedding cake when you can let your guests have a little one of their own? 

    Online/delivery, or visit their Sahel shop.


    Sorry in advance for making you fat…


    By Salma Thanatos Rizk