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  • 10 Weird Things You Need to Try at Mori Sushi, Like, Right Now


    When sushi arrived on these shores and stole our hearts and minds, Mori Sushi was at the forefront of the dining fad that just won’t die. As the biggest sushi chain in Egypt, it’s still very much at the forefront; while everyone has their favourite, no one can deny that Mori stands as the most consistent – something that is often a problem on Cairo’s dining scene.

    The ‘fusion’ approach to sushi affords Mori plenty of creative liberties and beyond our go-to options, there are some things that need to be tried on the restaurant’s huge menu and they need to be tried, like, right now.

    Octopus Salad

    Ah, a vegetable-less salad – our favourite, even if it’s made of a sea creature that looks like it’s been sent from some deep, dark underwater cove to eat your children. It’s delicious, though.

    Tuna & Apple

    In the context of any other cuisine, tuna and apple shouldn’t work. But we’re talking about sushi, here – a cuisine that doesn’t play by the rules. Yum.

    Spinach Hot Roll

    Regardless of how you feel about ‘hot’ sushi, the fact that Mori has brought together salmon/shrimp, spinach, asparagus, carrots, red pepper and garlic spicy sauce and made it taste good is nothing short of a triumph.

    Spring Rolls with Shrimp & Basil

    They look like normal spring rolls, they might even smell like normal spring rolls, too; but as each one passes through your mouth, BAM! They’re not normal spring rolls. Basil in Japanese food should be a thing.

    Tuna Steak with Sumac

    Quite often in food, simplicity is key, none more so than with the Japanese. It doesn’t get any simpler than tuna steak, but the added sumac – a lemony spice that is more often used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking – is really rather delightful.

    Shrimp New Style

    Don’t be fooled by the seemingly normal-looking nigiri; for beneath the belly of the beast is a treasure of fish eggs, mayo and spicy sauce. Sounds messy, eats messy, tastes delicious.

    Ika Sashimi

    The second option on this list to feature a creature of tentacles, the Ika Sashimi is simplicity at its best – it’s squid, it’s raw, it’s delicious. Maybe even super delicious.

    Sakana Maki

    Salmon sashimi, shrimp, crab and tuna rolled in white fish with slices of lemon – nuff said.

    Mozzarella Shrimp