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    CGuides: Kick Off Your Weekend The Right Way!

    Don’t miss the hottest parties happening around our great capital!

    Sanctuary Music Festival: Indulge Your Senses in a Musical Experience by the Red Sea

    A super hot event!

    CGuides: 14 Awesome Midweek Parties Where You Can Dance The Night Away

    Dance the night away!

    Say “Thank You Mum” This Mother’s Day at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza

    Spoil her this Mother’s Day.

    Our Older Sister Is Turning 9!

    Happy birthday, Cairo360!

    RHCP’s Legendary Performance by the Pyramids Is All Over Social Media!

    Here is where you can have a look-see for yourself!

    CGuides: DJunkie, Eric Rose, Hot Oasis, & more…

    The weekend is finally here!

    The Internet's 30th Birthday

    Happy birthday, World Wide Web! We love you.

    CGuides: DJunkie, Anastasia, Handful of Rain, & more…

    Get ready to party!

    Clear up Your Schedules, You Don't Want to Miss India by the Nile!

    Think of all the awesome authentic Indian food that you’ll get to taste in the Indian Food Festiva

    Watch: Tameem Youness’s First Standup Comedy

    When we say “Raseeny”, you say Tameem Youness!

    CGuides: 18 Groovy Parties This Weekend

    Get ready to party!

    10 Wild Midweek Parties To Help You De-Stress

    We have the answers to your problems.

    8 Types of Drivers You Meet Through Ride-Hailing Apps

    From point A to point B, sounds simple enough. Right?

    Ali Farag Wins PSA World Championship Title for the first Time

    Ali Farag isn’t your typical squash player!

    CGuides: February Finally Comes to an End with 17 Parties

    Such a long month, must end with a weekend.

    CGuides: 10 Groovy Midweek Parties To Dance The Night Away

    You don’t need to wait for the weekend anymore!