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  • Zaghrouta @ Risas


    So yea Zaghrouta, is back it was suppose to take place last week but due to unforeseen circumstances it got pushed back to the 23rd of Jan,

    Which is a way is a good thing because 24th of Jan is a holiday, which basically when you party on Wednesday the 23rd you dont have to worry about going to work on the 24th !

    so what is zaghrouta, well its a party where you can feel uber comfortable enough to zaghraat ! its a party dedicated to everything that is commercial, think wedding commercial music. where you hear zaghreeet !!

    Mayounah will be on the deck, spinning what she spun best in sahel ! Commercial, RnB and hell a dash of Arabic too !!!

    The party would take place in Risas. This would be a party for the books.

    oh yea this is a private party, invite and guest list only. no number for reservation available you must know the organizers to book