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  • Your guide to new years!


    okay by now you probably have booked your new year party, unless you are really really last minute person … !

    so here is a bit of a guide, if you are in Gouna, then well party safe, and keep walking and don’t drink and drive !

    If you are in Cairo and heading to any of the big three parties, The 1001 byganz nights, Tamarai  Heavenly Discreet, or Maadi Party that got relocated to the Marriott Mirage City , then get a room in the hotel, they are not that expensive and they all range in average of 600 pounds, but think of it this way you don’t need to drive after partying, and you get to wake up with your friends on the first day of the new year.

    If you can’t stay over and must go back home, then please try not drink drive, why you might say i always drink & drive… well think of tomorrow night that there is a zillion parties in cairo, in all parts of it, and everyone is going to be drunk, so don’t tell me having all those drunk drivers on the road is smart thing. So you can  either just take a taxi, but if your too posh for that then book a car with a driver, even take the london taxi.

    Now if you are hosting a house party, make sure you are stocked up on alcohol, did you know that you can order from cheers online …. www.gocheers.com and they deliver wine that you don’t find in drinkies, like bousilel and le baron, in addition to the ahram wines, so just make sure you are stalked up, nothing is worse than a party that runs dry.  If your guests are too intoxicated to drive back then offer them to crash over, you don’t want to have their lives on your hands.

    Yes i am being bleak and pesismesitic on drunk driving, so people DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE…. ITS STUPID and might cost you your life, just think of all the friends we lost this year on different roads because of drunk driving … so lets start 2012 with being smart  !