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    With Yasso, being transformation this thursday to Ylounge by Nihal Zaki Interiors, we have got you some gossip about the place.

    Nihal designed the first of its kind SHISHA BAR!  you are going to ask what is a shisha bar, well imagine yourself in a club, you go to one of the bars outside in the terrace, and you sit on the stoool and you just pull the pipe, and thats it ! you dont see the shisha, you dont see anything, all you see is the pipe, and Shisha Bar tender in the back will take care of your needs whether its flavor etc…

    NOW as you know Fishie doesnt condole any form of smoking! however i have to admit this idea in itself very creative very fresh very new!

    obviously the shisha bar is  not the only new thing to come into yasso, there is a lot more surprises to come

    Also as you know the entertainment will be only DJ SAMBA  that night! why you might ask, well YLounge was offered a number of international acts to come, however the orgranizers insisted on only DJ SAMBA only, 

    why you might ask ?

    well its simple DJ SAMBA knows the Egyptian people and their music needs, he knows how to entertain us, after all he is being surprising us with new music new tunes, that are suited to our scene night after night !

    well people this is just some of the gossip for Ylounge,