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  • Yet Another Wednesday


    its wednesday, show me your nuts ?

    So its wednesday, so you would think its R&R day … but no !!! its time to go out even more, no time to sit down and watch the new episode of Gossip Girl !

    So tonight going out options are

    1- Ladies Night in Risas in their Senorita Sangria Noche … 

    (check out pictures from the last one on CairoZoom on this link http://cairozoom.com/Event_Gallery.aspx?Event_Id=850 also the CG the live pictures are http://cairogossip.com/risas-ladies-night-live/  )

    2- The fourth and Final Spring in the City by Event Republic, 

    Check out pictures from the last on CairoZoom on this link http://cairozoom.com/Event_Gallery.aspx?Event_Id=842 )

    now the question is which one to do… well here is the CG recommendation hit up risas pre drinks, ladies take advantage of the free sangrias, then head up a party storm in spring !

    and then when you are done with all that and get back home, log back on this page and listen to this song