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  • Why Risas ?

    I will be completely honest and frank with you, for those you on my Facebook, you would have noticed that within the past 24 hours i have been pushing the Risas Facebook( http://www.facebook.com/RisasLounge )  fan page, but the question is why ?

    Well i got first introduced to Risas via a tweet someone sent me a few month back! so me and kittie went on a weekly date there, we loved it, it was nice it was chill, it wasn’t a place trying so hard to be something, and when we heard it was the same owners of PUB 28 That got us more excited.

    The thing i like about Risas, is they know what they are, they know who they want in the place, and they are not trying to be something else … you would ask what the hell does that mean?

    Well Risas is not trying to be a club, its not trying to be just a bar, its not trying to target the same people that we always see on the scene… RISAS is BAR & Restaurant together, its like as if Pub 28 and Bodega had a child together and called it RISAS. Its about this place where you can actually got to anytime of the day or night and enjoy a work lunch, after work drinks or pre going out drinks, while feeding on their Tappas, which you have probably tried before in the PUB.

    and unlike what one of my friends said, Risas is on a boat, there is a stigma of boats, i say no not really, if anything its one the Nile Maxim boat, which surprise surprise was just awarded last month best boat in cairo, in terms of management and tourism.Secondly what made other venues on boat fail, wasn’t because it was on a boat, it was because well they were trying to be something they weren’t and  started attracting the wrong crowd to for profit (moroc and purple). Honestly, from what i understand about Risas, they don’t care about money making or not, they care about the right crowd, the crowd that can have fun kick back relax, the crowd that you would find in Pub 28, the crowd that is classy but not that over the top pretentious  showy.

    And while i be honest i find Risas to be a venue, where i could relax with my friend, and not be stressed out when going out… that is why i am pushing it… because cairo … we need more places like that.  I can only name a few places where i feel like i feel in Risas, maybe altos bistro in Seasons, maybe Tempo in Allegria, or Breeze in Katemeya …. Risas gives me the feel of the zamalik club house.