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  • Why Cairo Should be Excited About ‘VENT’


    I’ve put on my honesty hat to write this. Bars and clubs in Cairo have a tendency to be a little ‘one-note’; while some of the city’s nightspots work hard to bring in new talent or conjure up gimmicks, the majority tend to rest on their laurels as long as traffic through the door is consistent.

    But we deserve better – we should demand better! Well, it looks like we’re getting it.

    Soon to be open venue, VENT, is proposing a new concept to Cairo nightlife. Insider sources – yeah, we uses big-boy words like ‘insider’ and ‘sources’ – say that Vent is to be the first venue of its kind, in serving as both a bar and an artistic playground of sorts.

    We're not talking about one man and his laptop, though; we've been promised real, authentic artistic talent - from live music to theatre and visual arts, as well as what I imagine will be plenty of films screenings.

    And so with my honesty hat still firmly on, I can only say this: awesome. Liquor and the arts have gone hand in hand for centuries and I've had my most inspired moments with a glass of whiskey beside me. Here's to many more.

    Vent is set to fling its doors open in November on Kasr El Nil Street. Stay up to date on the Twittersphere here: @VentCairo.