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  • Who is Zuli ? Man howa Zuli ?

    The Real Zuli

    Tonight at amici ZULI  will be playing … but the question remains who is ZULI ? I never heard of him before, but i always trust two brands Amici and Awesome Magazine! and if they say he is good then he must be good!

    so after a bit of research, Zuli is also known as  Ahmed El Ghazoly  (thanks to my friends in Amici, and  CairoScene.com )

    but after a bit of research i discovered that ZULI is in deed an owl and not a human being in the first place

    The Real Zuli


    follow Zuli on facebook https://www.facebook.com/zulimusic

    and Zuli loves to play RnB … here is one of his sound cloud mixes !