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  • What to Expect From Season Two at VENT


    Yes, the news is in; Downtown bar/art-space/cave of the curious, VENT, will reopen its doors on Tuesday 9th of September.

    For fans, it’s been  long time coming; the bar closed during Ramadan with the promise of coming back bigger, better and stronger with a host of renovations – and the wait could be worth it.

    You see, renovations don’t mean a new lick of paint hear or there; the folk at VENT have had the space ‘acoustically treated’ – the first in venue in Egypt to do so. With a top-of-the-range Funktion One system, VENT has been optimised for live performances – think of it as musical feng shui.

    Speaking about the new acoustic treatment, Ahmed Farahat of AF Acoustical Consultancy seems as excited as anyone.

    “We’ve turned VENT into a sophisticated listening space by offering a sound solution that focuses on turning every audience member into a critical listener, musician or not. The acoustic treatment of the space includes broadband absorption panels to treat the middle to high range of the frequency spectrum and bass traps for the lows [below 100 Hz] and for broadband absorption, as well as A1-LF optimized stepped diffusers (design courtesy of Tim Perry of Arqen Sonic) to deliver a static reverberation time and keep an even sound throughout the main area of the space. All the previous excessive reverb, delays, flutter echoes, muddiness and so on will cease to exist, to the tune of 0.4 seconds.”

    I don't know what any of that means, but it sounds fancy and therefore impressive. In addition. the VENT team will be introducing new concept nights thanks to new specialist department, VENT Concepts, opening up even more potential for Cairo's lesser-know musicians and artists to show the city what they can do.

    Stay tuned for more with the VENT Facebook page.