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  • What to Expect at ‘Cassette’ in Gouna


    One of the most exciting events of this glorious Eid holiday comes courtesy of 1984 Management and Gouna staple, Moods Restaurant & Beach Club on Wednesday 16th. Cassette has secured a rather impressive double-booking, featuring the gruesome twosome that is ToyBoys and hip-hop connoisseur, DJ Phil Jones.

    Despite his youthful good looks, Jones is no rookie. Having begun his career in 1988, many credit him for contributing to the rise of urban music in Scandinavia. So you see, he’s kind of a big deal.

    I have a special hip-hop move that I’ll be busting out to Phil Jones. He’s going to love it and not at all be creeped out. For tickets and reservations, call 01016666360.