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  • What is the Mulligan Pub Night?


    (p.s. artwork above is just a simple illustration by cg)

    With Mulligan Pub night that takes place every wednesday at Katemya becoming one Cairos most thought after destination and for a reason.

    It is because its a pub night! its a night that you can actually chill with your friends, have a drink play pool, sit back watch a footbal match.

    speaking of matches, this tuesday they are going to be show  Real Madrid Vs Manchester United match, so this week on a special ocassion they will be operating both tuesday & wednesday

    but hey, we know that me fishie is not good with words, so what better way than to understand what the Mulligan Pub night than from the words electrum itself

    check them out below

    So we started this new experience for us here at Electrum where we take charge of the Mulligan Pub at the Katameya Heights Clubhouse every Wednesday night, hoping to deliver quality times to what some might consider an almost barren part of Cairo. A part of Cairo that sees no regular entertainment, let alone on a weekly basis. The results have been very enriching through the establishment of a very intimate and cozy Pub atmosphere. After three weeks of trial and error we can now safely say that you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.

    Usually when you think of a Pub, you are flooded with an amalgamation of pictures and scenes of a small rustic style tavern, a smoke filled room, big pints of draught beer, and hysterical old men’s laughter… Well the setting at the Mulligan is actually anything but that; except for the beer of course. The place looks like your average American bar but with a homey modern twist that makes you feel connected to everyone there; table boundaries and group gatherings fade away into the night as everyone becomes everyone’s Billiard and drinking buddy.

    What Mulligan nights promises is an organic experience where the lines between the management (us) and our visitors (you) is indistinguishable and the feel of a true communal experience is the goal of each night. Propose a song and mix a few tracks if you’re up for it, suggest a dish and help us with the recipe, or propose an idea for a pitcher and come behind the bar and make it! We are amicable to help you actualize whatever you’d like to see in your Pub!

    We promise that we’ll try our best to make everything available for you and the preferences that will make you feel right at home. 
    Come join us this week on Tuesday where we’ll be airing the ManU vs. Real Champions league match, and of course don’t make yourself scarce on Wednesday