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  • What is Tamaria Live ?


    Tamarai is great at a lot of stuff ( just check out the awards and recognition it took  by clicking here ) but its also really good at coming up with concept night that actually ENGAGE the people !

    they came up with Nostalgia, Swag, and Classico ( in cooperation with fahmy&Samba) and now comes the latest installment of their concept nights that is called ” live”  Bex discribed it as “ Many of you might think we will have live entertainment, but actually not, we will have other ways to impress you to visualize and enjoy many of your best tunes and concerts

    well with that description i am still confused, i went on hours Whatsapping “Roulla” to understand. Then yesterday I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD when i was in Tamarai, as i start noticing certain things in the set up, that people havent really noticed.

    I wanted to take pictures and gossip about it and show you the true meaning of live, but i couldn’t as thursday it suppose to be a full surprise for you BUT, here is what i can say

    - you will actually feel more than once during the night that you are actually in a live concert, even though there is no live band infront you

    - you have NOT seen anything like this before, unless you visited a certain place in beirut where DJ Marwan Keyrouz  was playing

    - oh and DJ Marwan Keyrouz  is the actual DJ coming from beirut for these special THURSDAYS