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  • What is I Love Nacelle Weekend?


    You must have heard of I Love Nacelle Weekend, but do you really know what is I Love Nacelle Weekend?

    To the Simple Eyes its two hot  parties, one at night and one the following day, both parties have hot entertainment, we are talking about the Twelves at night & Nickodemus at the day! The twelves would have our local super hero Aly B along side with them, and Nickodemus would have  a LIVE PERCUSSION SHOW!

    So who  are the twelves, well they are hot, they are sensational, they are … well listen

    and Well for Nickodemus, i couldn’t of a better set than a live set

    but music aside, I Love Nacelle Weekend, is more than just these two hot parties in the same weekend, Its about a gathering of freinds and family, the nacelle family where we all celebrate our love to each-other and our love for the music, after all nacelle is distinctly the only brand in Cairo, that cares about delivering hot music, whether it is from DJs or to actual sound engineering of the place. So yes I  LOVE NACELLE Weekend is a celebration between nacellians of their love.

    The music is not the only thing thought in details in nacelle,  there is a high attention to all sort of details, example branding. The branding of nacelle LOVE weekend is carefully thought out all the way to the smallest details such, the art work, the prelaunch,  and the passes… i mean look at it… aint it cute, you open it and pops open with a heart… its all about the LOVE.

    The invite


    To truly understand the  I love Nacelle weekend, one might have a look at last years celebrations, it was a in different venues, but the spirit remains. This a video prepared by Sherif Nakhla

    and finally i leave you with a bit more of the Twelves and happy LOVING