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  • Weekend Guide

    this weekend guide


    Well another weekend is upon us and this weekend is special because on Saturday and Sunday we are voting or not.

    So whats going in Cairo and the nation in General.

    If you are planning a weekend escape i recommend we do recommend to go Ras Sudr, as they have KING OF THE LAGOON 4th rendition going, its usually a spectacular to watch!!

    If you are planning on staying in the city, well here are you options


    - DR K , DJ Shiha and DJ Nii will be doing Tamarai, with a rumor has that it Shoukry might do a live performance there around half past midnight …

    - amici is going back to basics with ROCK NIGHT


    - if you are AUCian then you are probably set by now and going to one of the Aftergrads,

    - Cairo Jazz Club … well be having DJ OUZO !!!

    - o-bar launch of RNB NIGHT


    - however if you are not doing anything… well Risas, Apertivo, Amici are always good chill options