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  • Weekend CGuide: DJunkie, Aguizi & Fahim, Abd El Baset Hamouda & More


    Our usual weekends are back! We can bid farewell to Ramadan and Eid, and say hello to all Cairo’s insane weekend parties. There’s a little bit of everything happening here and there, and we couldn’t miss a thing!

    Starting off with Thursday,  Cairo Jazz Club is hosting this week’s edition of Thursday Night Live with Cap’n Hector’s Crew who are debuting their new album. Also, DJ Omar Emara will be shuffling through some groovy tunes. And, when we talk about dancing, DJunkie always comes to mind! So head to The Tap West, and enjoy his R&B set, and move your body all night long. Elsewhere, at Gu Bar, Mostafa Hagag and Hamza El Soghyar will be making sure the belly dancers move their hips as well as yours.

    Everyone’s favourite, the Nile Vibes party, is back again at The Garden Nile Front; where DJs Magdy Shahin and Zak are planning to set the house on fire with a B2B set. Also, The Tap Maadi is doubling the hip-hop insanity by welcoming DJs Batawi and Mobbz. DJ duo and brothers, the Gawdats, are taking over Cairo Jazz Club 610 with their house set, while Fayek makes sure you dance till your feet hurt. Back to the heart of the city, the King of hip-hop, DJ Feedo, is heading to the Basement – Urban Pub. And finally, it’s going to be a cheesy night at The Tap East with Cheesballs dropping their crazy hits.

    We don’t know what to say about this Friday because it’s going to be absolutely epic! Cairo Jazz Club 610 decided to triple the fun, the dancing, and the music with nonstop beats by DJs Gahallah, Marc Wahba, and Azaar. While Ayman Nageeb is mixing some funk and disco music at The Tap East, and Fel Badrom party is back again with some of its remarkable ‘90s hits at the Basement – Urban Pub.

    Cairo Jazz Club is not stopping any time soon! In fact, they’re bringing the youngest, yet best duo in the field, the DJs Aguizi and Fahim; along with the man who always blows minds, DJ Ouzo. And if you’re in the mood for some sha3by vibes, then head to Gu Bar because Abd El Baset Hamouda will be waiting for you to shake it with the belly dancer over some sha3by songs. Also, The Tap Maadi is having their famous Elektro Live Night with DJ Ellol in charge of the decks.

    Saturday is a mix of everything! The Tap East is taking you back to the ‘70s with CamelT rock music. Gu Bar is going all Heshek Beshek, and will let you sing El 3anb El 3anb with Saad El Soghyar and the belly dancers. DJ Teddy will be shuffling through a special set of grooves and moves at The Tap West. And, Cairo Jazz Club is bringing back Saturday L’oriental with two local bands you’ll surely enjoy: Code Masr and Almena.


    PS: If you have been craving sushi, Gu Bar is having All You Can Eat Sushi every single day; all weekends, and even on weekdays. Also, Cairo Jazz Club 610 is hosting all the World Cup matches. 


    These are only a few of the events taking place this weekend across the capital – check out the Cairo Gossip calendar for more.

    By Sara Mosharef