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  • Weekend CGuide: 7 Sahel Bars & Clubs Hosting Insane Summer Parties

    Martin's Beach Club-51

     You can escape from the hectic work life and head to North Coast for a weekend full of sun, fun, parties, and beach relaxation. Of course there’s a party happening here and there, in the morning and at night as well. This is a list of all the parties you shouldn’t miss.

     1.       6IX Degrees

    6IX Degrees has always been epic, and it is definitely going to be so this Thursday. They’re planning a nostalgic night with DJ Rodge and belly dancer Marise.

    While on Friday, they’re bringing back your absolute favourite singer, Mahmoud El Esseily, and he will definitely set the crowd on fire.

    But, Saturday is even crazier, the rapper, Saint JHN, is coming all the way to Egypt, and the night is going to be remarkable.

     2.       Rakkan

    The new bar by Sass, that everyone is talking about, is going all oriental this weekend. First, on Thursday, they’re welcoming Mahmoud El Leithy, who will be making the belly dancer, Sara, move her hips all night long.

    And, on Friday, they’re bringing the best sha3by vibes with Oka w Ortega, and belly dancer Amie Sultan.

     3.       Exit

    Exit Club is still going strong in its 7th week. Starting off with Thursday, where four different DJs are taking over: The Gawdat brothers, A.Salah and Hazem.

    And on Friday, the spotlight will be on the international DJ, Abou Samra, alongside DJs Hafez and Ash.

    Exit wants to end it pretty big, so their boys A.Salah and Dou will be heating up the Saturday Night.

     4.       Danos

    The unique Danos is still up for another Thursday After Work party with DJs Zenhom and Hussien Yehia, because they know exactly what you need after a hectic week at work.

     5.       Martin’s Beach Club

    No need to tell you about Martin’s or its parties. You can just head there on Thursday, and blast your weekend with DJ Filex.

    Or, on Saturday, you can enjoy your beach time with DJ Feedo’s mixes of hip-hop and R&B. Guess this is why they call it Sweet Saturday.

     6.       Vibes Beach Club

    Maybe this place is new but their parties are epic! On Friday, brothers Gawdats and Alex Cruz are taking over, and there isn’t any need to tell you how wild this party is gonna be.

    Don’t despair, yes, the weekend is ending, but Vibes are ending it the right way. On Saturday, they are welcoming Mostafa Hagag, and his danceable songs.

     7.       Pearl Beach Club

    One last party on this list – you have to go – is on Thursday, they’re bringing DJ Shady Maher because he can serve you some real summer vibes.

    By Sara Mosharef