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  • Weekend CGuide: 29 Parties for the Stressed Out Souls & the Party Animals


    The exhausting work days have finally come to an end. You might be tired from this bizarre and disrupted week (with Tuesday being off), but you need to wake up now because it’s the weekend (for real this time), and we’ve still got plenty for you to do. Don’t tell us you’re not excited, because we are, as this weekend holds some of the hottest parties happening around the great capital! 

    Starting with Thursday, 24K is going oriental with their very special Fantasia night with the amazing belly dancer Alla Kushnir, and on the decks will be the one and only, DJ Tommy. Meanwhile, you can head to UNDERGROUND by After 8’s Sagat Night, and shake it all night long with the belly dancers!

    And since we’re talking oriental, the amazing belly dancer, Lind, will be at RAWI. Also, there is GŬ LOUNGE’s famous WKND Party, where you can hit the dance floor with the sha3by singer, Hassan El Kholaky, violinist Ahmed Mokhtar, and their belly dancer!

    Don’t miss CAIRO JAZZ CLUB’s Thursday Night Live night because a little birdy told us it is going to be huge. Starting with the epic trio, Woodpeckers, later Glass Onion will take to the stage with some of their chill tunes. And, THE GARDEN NILE FRONT is still having its very own Nile Vibes party this Thursday, where the mad spinner, Nada, will shuffle through some groovy sets!

    On the west side of town, it’s another electric Thursday happening at CAIRO JAZZ CLUB 610 with Shawky, Omar Sherif, and Mohasseb blasting your day.  Just a few minutes away, THE TAP WEST is bringing the German producer and DJ, Sharam Jey, and the magnificent Safi for their Elektro Night. If you feel like you wanna shake it to the best house tunes, head to THE TAP EAST with the one and only DJ Armen V.  Meanwhile, THE TAP MAADI is having a groovy hip-hop and R&B night with DJ Mobbz, and Lebanon’s awesome spinner, DnK.

    On Friday, it gets even hotter with a great performance by the amazing Basheer at UNDERGROUND by After 8. GŬ LOUNGE is having another WKND party with a mix of some sha3by by Hamza El Soghayar, a few high-pitched tunes with the violinist Ahmed Mokhtar, and good old hip tunes with DJ Hany Hassan. GŬ LOUNGE’s resident belly dancer will also be there to get some hips shaking. Meanwhile, Sebzz & Ashmawy will be blasting the roof of  CAIRO JAZZ CLUB with their groovy deep tech house tunes.

    Since it is DJ Carlos’s birthday this Friday, it will be a lit night over at THE GARDEN NILE FRONT. Later, Switzerland’s DJ, Robert Sebastian, will be up on the decks along with spinners Jimmy, and Hatem Zahran. However, If you feel like you wanna listen to some sick deep house mixes, head to THE TAP EAST because DJ Azaar will be there setting the place on fire. Meanwhile, you’re in for a rock and blues night with Mad Dogs at THE TAP MAADI.

    While on the west side, kick off your day with brunch over on CAIRO JAZZ CLUB 610’s terrace to the tunes of a chill duo, Nathalie Bichara on vocals, and Samer George on bass. And when it gets dark, CAIRO JAZZ CLUB 610 are having a block party with the best hip-hop and R&B tunes by spinning masters Mobbz, Flash B, and Beats.

    And since we’re talking about the west side of the town,  THE TAP WEST are having their famous let’s do brunch over the amazing rhythms of Danny Malak. And at night, it’s going to turn oriental-pop because Amro and The Big Bang Boogie will be there, followed by R&B & hip-hop king, DJ Feedo. So if you thought you were leaving THE TAP WEST’s dance floor, think again!

    Saturday, as always, is way better when you start it with your favourite Saturday brunch and chill at CAIRO JAZZ CLUB 610 over the tunes of the amazing Nour Project, and later, DJ Safi. Nearby, DJ Teddy will be up on THE TAP WEST‘s decks, that is, of course, after the bucket of chicken wings that you can have for brunch at  THE TAP WEST.

    Back to the east side of the city, the unique band with the unique oriental jazz tunes, El Dor El Awal, is going to be taking the stage by storm at CAIRO JAZZ CLUB. And to all the ladies out there, we say head to THE GARDEN NILE FRONT’s Ladies Night, where entry is free for the ladies and you can party all night long!  You better not forget that it’s another magical jazzy night with Mostafa Rizk at UNDERGROUND by After 8.

    DJs Feedo and Soul M are going to set 24K’s decks on fire with the best hip-hop and R&B music there is. For one more oriental night though, head to GŬ LOUNGE’s Saturday Blast with Mostafa Haggag, and their amazing belly dancers! And finally, get ready for an old-school night at THE TAP MAADI with vinyl spinning by with Sewwes and TATA!

    These are only a few of the events taking place this weekend across the capital – check out the Cairo Gossip calendar for more.


    By Dina Khafagy