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  • Wednesday 21st !

    For some odd reason the wednesday the 21st it seems its going to be JAM PACKED  with a lot of options to go, either because christmas season is starting or because school is out !!! but check these 3 events on that day

    1 - Dj Misty & Dj Omar Hafez in Cairo Jazz Club, with some of their hot tunes, and alot rumored to play some new mashups (apparently they have been working hard on news one to keep you always up to date ) here is a preview of one of the mashups


    2- 4 Event organziers are combining the event organizing super powers and organizing a christmas event called THE NIGHT B4 CHRISTMAS  (notice the 4 in the b4 … yea they are four orgnaizers) The event is scheduled to take place in ONTOP, which as the name implies is ON TOP of the Le Pacha boat. The groovy Toyboys and DJ Feedo will be rocking the house with the latest hits and exotic tunes all night, to give you a mix of house/dance and rnb! The guest list is limited to this one, and the only way you can secure invite is if you know one of the 4!

      • Caroline Berzi
      • Ahmed El Meligy
      • Karim Attalah
      • Mansour Hassan


    3- Montreal based Kiss & Fly entertainment,  are taking over Yasso and creating a night called the CHOCOLATE PARTY !!  rumor has it that Shady Noor might drop some vocals  ….

      • 40kgs OF CHOCOLATE!!!!!
      • 2 meters Chocolate fountains and 20 fondue sets.
      • Free Baileys in edible chocolate shooters.
      • Enough strawberries, marshmallows and kisses to feed a small city..