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  • Watch: The Afro-Electronic Fusions of Napalma Return to Cairo Jazz Club 610!


    Ten years ago, Egypt hosted the upbeat and energetic band, Napalma, for the first time. While everyone thought it was the last time they were going to make an appearance in the capital, Cairo Jazz Club 610 are bringing them back for another round on the 9th of May. Once again, CJC is making the long lost dream of many come true.

    When they last visited Egypt, they made appearances on Cairo Opera House’s stage, at Bibliotheca Alexandria, in front of the pyramids, and in Sinai with Nour Ashour and Ressala Band! 

    Over the past years, Napalma has toured South Africa, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal and of course, Egypt. This year’s tour is a debut of their newest album, A Big Funky Family Vol. 1; it is the first of three volumes, where each contains 6 tracks. Napalma have been known to master infusing electronic beats with afro, percussion beats; their music induces a state of bliss and joy from their very smooth grooves.

    Napalma was formed in February, 2004, with a host of Mozambican and Brazilian talents: the vocalist and percussionist, Ivo Maia; the percussionist and mixer Cid Travaglia; and a guest trumpet player called Mister X.