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  • Wahdan Does Dubai Double Time

    Wahdan of Tabla, who as you know have been expanding from soukhna into Cairo …

    And trust me i have been hearing a lot of things happening in Cairo, more than what i have gossiped about on the blog… 2012  is the year of WAHDAN :) but this post isn’t about WAHDAN national expansion its about his INTERNATIONAL reach

    In the past month he has been traveling a lot to dubai to close not one BUT TWO DEALS. Nothing is signed yet, but its almost most likely done.  you got to love it when Egyptians go international.

    So yes you read right, two projects !!! DUO !!!

    1- A Club in the DIFC (DUBAI INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CENTER ) picture above, DIFC is one of the hottest and most central places in Dubai, and not to mention the proximity of it to BURJ KHALIFA ( just the tallest building in the world)

    2- A beach,  and no there is no bar there since its not part of a hotel and if you know dubai law no venue can sell alcohol unless its a hotel

    So to Mr. Wahdan, best of luck in closing the deals and both FISHIE AND KITTIE couldn’t be more happier for your continued success