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  • VENT to Celebrate Six Month Anniversary


    Let’s hear it for VENT – the unlikely underdog in the usually harrowing narrative that is Cairo nightlife. I still remember the complaints from grumpy invitees at the art-space/bar’s opening night.

    The sound is a bit off. The bathrooms are too small. I used to have dinner at Arabesque every weekend with my family. No way am I going to Downtown on a weekday. Why is that girl wearing Dr Martins – is she ok?

    Whatever you think of it, there really is no place like VENT; apart from championing some of the most talented, under-the-radar musical practitioners in Cairo, everyone there always seems happy – all the time.

    There are no catty looks from across the room. There are no gym rats smelling like they bathed in cologne. More importantly for me, my favourite DJ has found a home. Everyone is drinking merrily. Everyone is dancing with no inhibitions. Everyone is happy.

    This Wednesday (April 30th), the VENT team are letting their hair down for a guest-list only party where music will be provided by resident DJ, Ahmed Samy, regular stage-hogger, $$$TAG$$$, and shoegazing heroes, PanSTARRS.

    They said it wouldn’t last. They said Cairo just wouldn’t accept it. Cheers to VENT.

    Book your place via VENT's Facebook page.