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  • Vent Announces Opening Night Line-Up


    The moment Cairo’s nightlife scene has been waiting for has finally arrived. The newest member of the city’s bars and clubs contingent, Vent, is set to launch with a private event on Thursday 21st.

    Entertainment for the evening comes via the always colourful electro-clash threesome, Wetrobots <3 Bosaina, as well as DJ Rags of UK collective, Livin’ Proof, and Ahmed Samy – Vent’s resident DJ.

    But this being the peak of art and booze, attendees will also be treated to a (hopefully trippy) 3D projection mapping display courtesy of Islam Shabana and Dada.

    In the short time that its concept has been floated into the public airs of Cairo, the venue has chalked up plenty of hype, with the Vent team promising a new outlook on nightlife in the city.

    Think of it as a place for the rogue artistic intellectuals of Cairo's small 'alternative' scene - for lack of better phrasing.