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  • VENT Announces October Pool Party at Sakkara Country Club


    Like the proverbial phoenix, VENT is set to rise from the ashes of the seemingly cursed Downtown space at 6 Kasr El Nil Street for a special, one-off pool party at Sakkara Country Club on Friday 9th of October, in collaboration with its brother-from-another-mother European label, Danse Noire.

    Kicking off at noon, a pool party seems far too frivolous and sun-adjacent for VENT, but having vacated what was formerly Arabesque, it's a welcome return for a name that many thought we'd never hear again.

    Said line-up is set to be headlined by the biggest of the big dogs at Danse Noire, co-founder and shift-shaping musical enigma, Aïsha Devi, who'll be joined by Danse Noire's resident DJs, as well as VENT's best in Ahmed Samy and $$$TAG$$$.

    October also marks the release of Devi's debut LP, Of Matter and Spirit, which has been described as a "vivid exploration of space and color in electronic music."

    More importantly, though, VENT loyalists will be pleased to see the return of what was one of the most diverse musical platforms in Cairo before the curtains were drawn for the former cultural-space-come-bar. Rumours of closure had followed VENT throughout the year, but this event could well see the VENT concept stay relevant through a different approach.

    Love it or hate it, few could argue that, in its prime, VENT was a one-of-a-kind venue and that, despite the insistence of naysayers, it provided a stage for musicians that were otherwise below the radars of most of the city's other live music venues - something that has cemented a loyal fan base.

    For more information, click here.

    By Kalam El Qahaira