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  • Valmont Hype!

    With the Valmont sparkling wine ( yes i refuse to call it champagne, because champagne is trademarked for france!!)  launching this weekend ! a lot of hype is going around with it! and they even scheduled a mini tour date around cairo’s hot places

    - Tamarai Soukhna 14.9.2012

    - Le Maison Blanche 21.9.2012

    - Tamarai Cairo 12.10.2012

    - Stage 1 19.10.2012

    check out the video above, you would notice a lot of cairo’s socialites and models !!

    now Valmont is produced by ABC (ahram beverages), with them having also in their sparkling wine arsenal Aida sparkling wine.  While EgyBev, a competing company of Ahram beverages offers Le Baron (which can be ordered online or from cheer shops here )

    Personally i prefer Le Baron over Aida, but i cant wait to see what Valmont has to offer, would it be able to shift my taste buds from Le Baron to it!

    maybe i should do a little blind taste test ?