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  • Valentine REMIX’D


    I have been holding on this gossip for four days because as you know there was mourning of the horrible port said Massacre, and before i start this post, i would like say Allah Yer7am all of those who got sacrificed for our freedoms, and Give their families the strength, and Get JUSTICE back to them, and inshallah all of those innocent souls are in el Jennah (paradise)

    So a few days ago before the port said incident, Risas and YourKindofEntertainment has combined forces, to bring you a different kind of Valentine Night, … Valentine REMIX’ed, … as YKE says .. ” Valentines day has always been about wining and dinning your loved one by going out on a romantic date.. Saint Valentines isn’t alive so i don’t think he’d mind if we do it differently this year”  …. so this year its not about you being a couple, or you being single, its about you celebrating with your friends, if you are a couple then tease your friends by showing them your love, if you are single then tease your friends by showing off your freedom, think of it TEASE ME CUPID .. and if you are a good friend, why not bring a date and set it up with your other friend there …

    DJ Shaggy will be on the decks to entertain you with his tunes, and Ticket: 250 L.E (Includes Free Bouchon, Soft drinks and Mezzahs)

    For how to reserve and all that find Risas contacts on their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/RisasLounge